What College Board doesn't want YOU to know about the SAT!

If YOU want to go college, you 
CANNOT miss this FREE LIVE webinar!

Monday, April 17, 2023

7:00 p.m. Eastern/5:00 p.m. Mountain
Webinar Starts In...
This is a 55-minute webinar followed by a Q and A session, where you'll have 
to ask questions of the SAT guru who has helped raise scores of students throughout the world. 

Terry J. P. Harlin, Ed.S.

SAT expert whose students consistently get accepted to top 25 colleges with scores into the upper 1500s!
What you'll learn in 55 minutes:
  • What do parents need to know? - Basics about dates, registration, cost, scoring, etc. 
  • How is it changing? - When? Why? What are the main differences between this and next year's SAT?  
  • SAT fundamentals - How is it unique among tests? How does today's SAT differ from past and future SATs?
  • What College Board & Khan Academy WON'T tell you - the best strategies and ways to master the SAT
  • Do you even need to take it? - What advantages there are to taking or not taking it.
  • SECRETS to a high score - Make sure your teen is here for the last part of the webinar featuring quick walk-throughs of problems in each section with tricks for solving them fast!
Once seats are filled, that's it! So sign up only early and tell your friends for a chance at a scholarship!
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